Welcome to Cycles And Change


Cycles and Change believes that cycling can be a catalyst for change, one person, one family, one school, and one community at a time.

Neither the need nor desire to ride a bike is dictated or predicated on race, religion, sex, or financial position. It is largely a matter of access and ability.  Cycles and Change works to make this access and ability possible.

Youth Programs

Cycles and Change brings programs into areas schools and youth and community programs in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and other cities across the United States. Cycles and Change will also teach you how to teach your child to ride should you wish to do it yourself.


Women in cycling are coming into their own. Women specific classes are held regularly. In addition, Cycles and Change has been and continues to be instrumental in launching WomenBikeAtlanta.

Community Organizations

Cycles and Change works with community organizations, and churches to bring in cycling programs. These programs can ‘simply’ be social or centered around a specific mission such as health, fitness, and nutrition – major concerns for Cycles and Changes.


Our team includes, has access to, and continues to train certified League Cycling Instructors. Founder and CEO Neil Walker has achieved the designation of a certified Master LCI Coach, the League of American Bicyclists high certification.  One of 19 current LAB certified Master LCI Coaches, Neil is the first African-American LAB Master LCI Coach.

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