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Americans of all races eat more than their ancestors and are less active than their ancestors. This has lead to an epidemic of obesity with 66% of the population being overweight or obese.

These numbers are higher in the African American population. 60% of men and 78% of women in the African American population are overweight. 28.8% of African American men and 50% of African American women are obese.

These statistics even more frightening because data shows that obese teens are 70% more likely to be obese adults and that the jumps to 80% if both parents are obese.

Exercise that requires the use of air, or oxygen to be more specific, is called aerobic or cardiovascular (“cardio”) exercise.  Found on a list of this type of exercise is bicycling.  Riding a bicycle (“bike”), or cycling is a desirable choice for many reasons.  Riding a bike is not a weight-bearing exercise and is thus an option for many with physical challenges.  It can be executed as a social activity simply by riding with others.  Cycling has a relatively low entry cost point unless one chooses to go the high route.  Cycling can become part of a cross-training effort for individuals who also run or swim, for instance.  Riding a bike becomes increasingly safe as cities such as Atlanta, a forerunner in the effort, makes strides in increasing bike lanes and supporting cyclist rights.  Cyclists also feel safe, confident, and empowered when properly trained on safe and legal riding, and cycling techniques.

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