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The concept for Cycles and Change, School of Cycling was developed as a result of 7 (then) new League Certified Instructors, (LCI), having a common interest, goal and vision to educate new and current cyclists on the existing and new laws that have been legislated to make riders, pedestrians and motorists more bike friendly and aware of the rules of the road. Each of those initial 7 LCIs went on to pursue their specialized efforts in that direction.


As an instructor certified by the League of American Bicyclists, Neil Walker founded Cycles and Change. He is more than skilled, qualified and has been involved with bicycling advocacy and education for 5 years including working as an Outreach Specialist for REI.  He is currently the lead Bicycling Instructor for The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.


Cycles and Change teaches cycling and cycling related subjects to people of all ages. We can teach riders how to ride a bike confidence and competence for any purpose having to do with transportation, recreation, or competition in any traffic or weather condition. Cycles and Change offers both private and group lessons.


Cycles and Change under Neil’s direction has implemented the Safe Routes to School program in middle schools in the area.  The School uses a trailer and ten bicycles with helmets and printed materials to travel to the various Middle Schools in The Atlanta Area and teach the ten-day course.  The program can be customized to fit the school calendar.


Coach Neil, who is a Master League Cycling Instructor and Coach, has been an advisor and consultant to organizations nationally in the area of youth cycling program development and implementation. His work with the Major Taylor Bicycling club of Minnesota has resulted in an award winning initiative – The Urban Bike Festival Bike Give-Away.


Neil and his work in cycling have garnered him both a proclamation from The Atlanta City Council for his work in the community and an award from National Brotherhood Of Cyclists.  
Neil has been instrumental in the growth of The National Brotherhood of Cyclists, an umbrella organization committed to increasing diversity in cycling, cycling advocacy, and health improvement in communities of color.


In 2012, Neil saw recognized a gender imbalance in the “world of cycling.”  Following through on the Cycles and Change motto and his desire to see “diversity through cycling,” he founded WomenBikeAtlanta.